See ‘Game of Thrones’ in IMAX

Jan 6, 2015 at 11:49 am |

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It’s your dream come true. From the Land of Always Winter to Oldtown, to the fabled Yi Ti and the Shadow Lands beyond – all of Westeros, Essos, and more are coming to IMAX.

Game of Thrones is making history this year when it shows a ‘movie’ – actually the final two episodes of Season 4 (“The Watchers on the Wall” and “The Children”) – in 150 IMAX theaters for one week only beginning January 23.

The best part? This feature presentation will also include a trailer for Season 5, set to debut in April. That means you’ll get White Walkers, the Battle of Castle Black, Tywin Lannister on the privy, and even little Bran digitally remastered for IMAX’s massive screen before having your senses even more overwhelmed by a sneak peak of Season 5. Can you handle how epic this is?

According to IMAX Corp senior executive VP Greg Foster,

We couldn’t think of a series more fitting than Game of Thrones to be the first presented in IMAX. The scope and production quality of the show is quite remarkable, which will be highlighted even further in select IMAX locations- allowing fans, as never before, to become a part of author George R.R. Martin’s world.

Seeing as we’re living in TV’s Golden Age, maybe movie theaters will start showing more of our favorite shows on the big screen. This landmark event is sure to be a deciding factor.

Ready for Jan. 23 yet? Until then, you can follow the three-eyed raven on Twitter for super-short teasers for Season 5. Winter couldn’t come soon enough!

Winter is coming to an IMAX near you! Find out the details here…