Senior Citizens Strip Down for Charity Pin-Up Calendar!

Apr 3, 2015 at 12:42 pm |

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Move over Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus – there’s a new crew of ladies getting all the attention!

In Barberton, Ohio a community of women – and a few men – living in a retirement home thought up an ingenious way of helping to raise money for children – by showing off some skin!

The elderly community decided they would produce a “nearly nude” gallery and sell it for a good cause, to raise money for the Magic City Kiwanis Esther Ryan Shoe Fund, which helps put shoes on the feet of children who need them.

“I felt, I felt young again. It was wonderful; it was wonderful,” said Regina Genet, one of the Barberton ladies, to Fox 8 in Cleveland.

The calendar features a themed photograph for each month of the year, complete with one or a few senior citizens from the Barberton based retirement home giving the camera all they’ve got. And it’s a lot. Our favorite? Wilma Purivs (age 94) and Norma Elfrink (age 91) playing poker and drinking beers in the buff with some well-placed oversized playing cards. The oldest pin-up for this year’s calendar was 99!


All of the seniors involved in the project echoed Genet’s thoughts about the experience, and really enjoyed putting the calendar together. “I was October, and I’m 90; I’ll be 91 in May. It seems like everything we do is involving around being old and everything but this just made me feel, oh here I am young, having a good time and I don’t care about anything else.”

If you’re dying to hang one of these hilarious calendars on your fridge, which sell for $12, you can call 330-848-5028 or visit the ladies themselves at the retirement home at 220 Third Street SE in Barberton, Ohio.

You’ll never look at your grandparents the same way again. These pin-ups are hilarious!