Seth Rogen ‘Hot Boxed’ Amy Pascal’s New Sony Pictures Office

Mar 5, 2015 at 5:06 pm |

Former co-chair of Sony Pictures, Amy Pascal, is unable to make her move into her new office suite because of a stench of marijuana. Is Seth Rogen really to blame? or Evan Goldberg? or John Calley?

All could be held equally responsible for the terrible aroma, but now the burden falls on Sony Pictures, which has to move Pascal into a temporary office as they try to remove the stench. Pascal will have to begin her new job (with a salary raise between $30 and $40 million) as the on-the-lot producer in a temporary office for some while. She is moving from her position in the Irving Thalberg Building to make way for motion picture group head Tom Rothman.

This will not be a problem for Mrs. Pascal. She’s proven that she can patiently go without John Calley, her former boss, and his offices for a very long time. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “For years, she had insisted that if she ever segued to a producer’s role, she would want to take over Calley’s offices.”

Sony Pictures has declined to comment on the issue at hand.

Amy Pascal is upset about a certain stench in her new Sony Pictures office. Find out why…