Shiba Inu Is Totally Ok With Being Stuck in Bush

Aug 24, 2015 at 4:48 pm |

This Dog is Literally Just Hanging Out

Every once in a while, a dog comes along and does something amazingly stupid and adorable and gets its photo shared thousands, or even millions of times on the internet. This time, it’s an adorable Shiba Inu (are there any Shiba Inu that aren’t adorable) that’s taking the prize.

On Aug 17, Japanese Twitter user @yamamochi22 was just takin’ a stroll down the street when he noticed this Shiba Inu casually hanging out of a bush. He didn’t seem to mind, really, being stuck in the bush. In fact he looked rather comfortable. His calm expression reads “Oh, hey guys. What’s up? I’m just hanging.” Pun intended.

The original tweet has since been removed by the user, but thanks to the magic of internet trolls, we have the images here for you to brighten your day.

This is the most hilarious dog you’ll see this week!