Singer Christina Milian Takes Part In The Chubby Bunny Challenge

Feb 4, 2015 at 9:52 am |

Christina Milian joined in on some fun with YouTuber Jadah Doll in a video that was posted January 19. The singer and Doll challenged themselves to a game called the “Chubby Bunny.” Here’s how to play:

“1. Stuff some Marshmallows in your mouth.
2. Try to say “Chubby Bunny.”
3. Repeat until you can not pronounce Chubby Bunny coherently.”

Milian and Doll both stuffed their faces with marshmallows and belted out “chubby bunny,” which was followed up with a few laughs and some more marshmallows. After their mouths were stuffed and their cheeks bloated, they tallied up the score. Milian won the challenge with six marshmallows. Doll was only able to fit five marshmallows in her mouth.

Milian is the number 1 #ChubbyBunny!

Don’t miss the hilarious video below.

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How many marshmallows can you stuff in your mouth? Watch the Chubby Bunny Challenge here!