Sony Hackers Reveal Hateful Emails About Angelina Jolie

Dec 10, 2014 at 10:18 am |

Producer Scott Rudin and Sony Pictures Entertainment Co-Chairman Amy Pascal attend the Sony Pictures Classic 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards Party held at The Beverly Hilton hotel on January 16, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California

Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

The recent hack of the Sony Pictures database has not only revealed personal information of particular individuals and celebrities, but some controversial issues as well.

Social Security numbers and payroll information were just some of the major concerns of the hacking, but recently personal emails have begun to leak onto the internet. The most recent email to be recovered and leaked was a conversation producer Scott Rudin and Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal.

The two had been planning a biopic of Steve Jobs written by Aaron Sorkin, until the project fell through and the studio pulled out of it last month. However, Universal Studios has picked up the project and that seemed to enrage Rudin.

According to The Guardian, Rudin emailed Pascal to tell her:

“You’ve destroyed your relationships with half the town over how you’ve behaved on this movie, and if you don’t think it’s true, wait and see… you don’t deserve one exhalation of breath on your behalf. You’ve behaved abominably and it will be a very, very long time before I forget what you did to this movie and what you’ve put all of us through.”

As not only one of the most well known producers in Hollywood, Rudin is also one of the most successful– having won an Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Tony for many of his productions. Also, Rudin has worked in the past with Pascal on many successful films, some of which include The Social Network and Captain Phillips. Regardless of their success together, the email was informal and selfish. Arguments between the two date back to as early as February.

In another leaked email, Rudin has apparently turned his attention towards attacking Academy Award winning actress Angelina Jolie. After wanting director David Fincher to pull out of the film Jobs to direct her in Cleopatra, a project she had been planning for a while, Rudin emailed Pascal telling her to:

“Shut Angie down before she makes it very hard for David to do Jobs. There is no movie of Cleopatra to be made (and how that is a bad thing given the insanity and rampaging ego of this woman and the cost of the movie is beyond me).”

Rudin also had another email leaked where he claimed that Jolie was:

“A minimally talented spoiled brat who thought nothing of shoving this off her plate for eighteen months so she could go direct a movie [Unbroken]… She’s a camp event and a celebrity and that’s all and the last thing anybody needs is to make a giant bomb with her that any fool could see coming.”

Who knew that so much drama took place in Hollywood!

The Sony hackers most definitely are stirring up trouble and helping ruin relationships. Let’s hope there aren’t any emails leaked that could affect any future projects!

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