Taylor Swift Hosts Fans Married in the Parking Lot of Her Show

Jun 16, 2015 at 4:49 pm |

This Couple Loves Each Other and T-Swift. A LOT

This story is all over the internet right now… Had the privilege of meeting this lovely couple at the Taylor Swift…

Posted by Sierra Catheryn on Monday, June 15, 2015

When most people think of a romantic setting in which to say their vows, they imagine the sand between their toes rather than a slab of black asphalt in Philadelphia. But these superfans were willing to go the extra mile and forego their Pinterest-perfect wedding if it meant Taylor Swift could be nearby during their nuptials.

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Katy Harris and her new husband Chris Eisenmann had initially planned to tie the knot on December 13th – TayTay’s b-day! – but unfortunately they had to put the wedding off for personal reasons. However, Katy’s gown was hanging in the closet still, so when it came time for her to construct her “homemade outfit” for the upcoming Swift concert, she made a joke to Chris about wearing her wedding dress. The joke quickly escalated into a reality, and before they knew it, they had grabbed their marriage license in Philly and planned a ceremony to take place in the parking lot of Lincoln Financial Field.

Just got married in a parking lot and about to walk into Taylor Swift #1989tourphilly #casualfriday

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Of course, Taylor and her many social media spies caught wind of the superfan/bride-to-be’s story, and brought the newly wedded couple backstage after the show to host an impromptu reception with their biggest idol. Katy and Chris got a chance to hug it out with Taylor — it almost looks like Swift could be one of Katy’s bridesmaids (except for the fact that she wore white).

“Last night was a dream sequence,” Harris posted the next morning. “Instagram, meet my new husband Chris and our new friend Taylor!!!!!! I have no words to express last night!! My two dreams came true!!!”

Too cray, or the perfect “Love Story”?

Too cray, or the perfect “Love Story”?