Taylor Swift Just Beat Kim Kardashian at Her Own Game

Sep 8, 2015 at 2:20 pm |

Taylor Swift Becomes the Most Followed Person on Instagram

Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift

Source: Instagram/@taylorswift, @kimkardashian

And just as quickly as it came, Kim Kardashian’s title as reigning queen of social media, The Most Followed Person on Instagram, has been swiped away by the effervescent pop-sensation, do-gooder, and award show champion, Taylor Swift. The 1989 star can add the new accolade to her overstuffed resume of things she has yet to do before she officially takes over the world, but will there be any Bad Blood between the two social media idols?

It was only last August that the crown was passed from Beyoncé to Kim K., which is unsurprising considering that Beyoncé has been laying pretty low this year (as low as one of the best selling artists in the world can lay,) as she focuses on raising her daughter Blue. And Kim Kardashian has pushed her social media game into overdrive – keeping the salacious selfies coming, and even produced her own best-selling coffee table book, “Selfish.”

Apparently to jump into the lead, Taylor must have gained at least 1,000 more followers than Kimmy, but according to their accounts Taylor’s numbers jumped ahead of Kim’s 45.4 million followers with her own 45.5 million followers. FYI, both of those numbers are bigger than the population of South Africa.

But what is it about Taylor Swift’s account that seems to be attracting more followers than Kim Kardashian?

The Queen of Selfies must step down. But will there be any ‘Bad Blood’?