The Heavy Hand of Robert Kirkman: Who Dies Next on “The Walking Dead”?

Feb 20, 2014 at 12:30 pm |

The easier question might be, who’s safe on AMCs “The Walking Dead”? It’s a good bet Carol and Judith are safe. Daryl and Rick and Carl are safe. Michonne? Maybe.

But Glenn, Tyreese, Sasha, Bob and Beth should be a little worried. Even Mika and Lizzie’s days could be numbered, even though crazy makes a great storyline.


You know how things went for comic book Glenn. You suspect that Maggie is pregnant. What could be more poignant than the untimely demise of a dad-to-be as his unofficial wife stands helplessly by? Kirkman is all about going straight for the jugular, and if you find yourself thinking your favorite character is safe for another week, we have one word for you:



Kirkman needed Tyreese to get the kids out alive, but now that Carol’s back, things could quickly go from bad to worse for your favorite tough-guy-with-the-marshmallow-heart. A passing walker could take an unsuspecting Tyreese out in a cold, dead heartbeat. For that matter, so could Lizzie.


Sasha has been slowly but surely been fading into obscurity. Either Kirkman has something big planned for this character, or she’s about to become Sunday night zombie fodder. We’re hoping it’s the former, as Sasha has just the right combination of likeability and kick-assedness to take over as leader of her own little band of survivors. She just doesn’t know it yet.


Bob’s character was doomed the second Daryl shot him the first disgusted look. If Daryl doesn’t like you in the zombie apocalypse, you’re pretty well screwed. It could be, however, that the writers are hiding Bob under the radar only to parade him out later in a starring role. His alcoholism makes him flawed and so very human, yet his willingness to do the right thing holds a certain charm. He’s the parallel-universe edition of Milton, only angrier.


Beth Greene has been with the group since season 2, making her the perfect heart-wrenching human sacrifice. This 18-year-old who handles stress by sobbing, journaling in her diary or shutting down completely reminds parents just how crappy it would be if you were a moody teenager in the midst of Armageddon. As sad as it sounds, Beth’s days as a contributing member of the group might well be waning, but wouldn’t this timid teen make an awesome mean and heartless walker?

Robert Kirkman’s planned sacrifices just might include your favorite “Walking Dead” characters. Who’s safe and who’s on the short list when it comes to zombies? WARNING: SPOILERS FROM EP 409