The Truth Behind Geraldo Rivera’s Confrontation in Baltimore

Apr 29, 2015 at 2:00 pm |

During Fox’s coverage of the highly emotional events that took place in Baltimore this week, host Geraldo Rivera met with a particularly contentious moment on live television.

At the top of Sean Hannity’s show, Geraldo was attempting a quick on-air interview with the state senate majority leader, but was thwarted by a crowd of the city’s protesters when one of them purposely moved in front of the camera. “Stop blocking my camera!” yelled Geraldo, “You’re making a fool of yourself!”

Geraldo attempted to move the interview elsewhere, but the protesters persisted, claiming that Fox News was “making money off of exploiting black people.”

Here’s the footage as it aired on Fox News.

However, this isn’t the whole story. What happened before Fox’s cameras began rolling gives the confrontation quite a different context.

The video below reveals a much more intellectual argument about Geraldo and Fox’s intentions while reporting in Baltimore. It turns out the gentleman in the black hat who looked as if he’d just wandered in front of the camera had a lot more to say…

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“You want to report that we’re constantly breaking sh*t down,” the man protests. “You’ve got these two black dudes protecting you from all these black folks. We’re the ones who need protection. Report for us! You’re working for Fox news,” the man exclaims, following a very nervous looking Geraldo in circles around what look looks like an (ineffective) body guard.

“I want you and Fox news to get out of Baltimore city,” continues the man, “Because you’re not here reporting about the boarded-up homes and the homeless people under MLK, you’re not here reporting about the poverty levels up and down North Avenue. Two years ago for the 300-man march… you weren’t here! But you’re here for the black riots.”

Geraldo stands stunned by the monologue, smiling with discomfort, looking for an escape route. The scene devolves from that moment, but the man’s words clearly affect Geraldo during the following moments as he attempts to produce the subsequent news segment.

How do you feel about the confrontation? What about Fox’s coverage of the events in Baltimore?

Here’s the same argument from a different perspective.

This man SLAMS Fox News and the media for its coverage on the Baltimore riots. “You work for Fox News… your station is calling us thugs and animals… So we don’t want you here.”