These Baboons Perfectly Depict the Struggle of a Day at Work

Sep 1, 2015 at 11:13 am |

White Collar Baboons Will Keep You Laughing Through Your Day

We all know the workday struggle. You get to the office, pound coffee until you’re in a caffeine frenzy, and just when you’re hitting a productivity streak, it’s time for lunch and you have your post-food crash, and the rest of the day is hopeless.

Your computer crashes. You can’t figure out how to open that file. The world is against you today. But know you’re not the only one, because thanks to the internet, there’s footage of a baboon who’s going through the struggle with you.


For some unexplained but completely awesome reason, Getty Images has countless hours of stock footage of baboons operating office equipment. Their interactions and emotions are surprisingly easy to relate to. Thanks to a number of witty Twitter users, we can watch their hilarious antics via some comedic user interpretations. Without Further ado, enjoy the clips and laugh your butt off.

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At work? Stop monkeying around and watch this!