These Pink Taxis Are for Women Only

Jun 17, 2015 at 2:21 pm |

Imagine traveling safely in foreign countries known for public sexual harassment. Well these innovative and much needed taxi companies have come up with the idea of female only taxi cabs. In Dubai and Pakistan, these taxis have their vehicles and outfits decked out in pink so they can be easily spotted.

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A whopping 85% of women in Pakistan have said they have been sexually harassed on their work commutes by other passengers and even drivers. Stepping in is the Pink Rickshaw Project conceived by entrepreneur, Zar Aslam. “In Pakistan, traveling for women is a nightmare because there isn’t enough public transportation. Women are not socially and culturally allowed to ride bikes, and cars are too expensive for most middle-class women.” To us in the West, not being able to ride a bike seems like a ridiculous rule, but it’s a fact of life for millions of women. Imagine fearing something as simple and basic as getting to and from work everyday.

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In New York City, a recently launched company had the same idea. A car request app, SheTaxis (also called SheRides) is similar to Uber and allows women to ride safely after numerous complaints of improper conduct by male cab drivers. You can download their app through iTunes.

Girls, get your drink on and get home safe!

Grrl Power! These companies are making traveling safer for women.