They Were Devastated Their Late Son Couldn’t Be at Their Wedding… And Then a Miracle Occurred

Nov 4, 2015 at 12:54 pm |

A mother’s love for her children never dies

Last month, Anna Bozman Thompson had her dream wedding, marrying her longtime boyfriend Travis Thompson in Colbert, Georgia. But there was one thing the Thompsons would never have to make their dream wedding complete — their eldest son, Lake.

Six months ago, Lake lost his battle with leukemia, leaving a big whole in the heart of this family. To help honor Lake at their wedding last month, Anna asked her friend Brandy Angel, a Georgia-based photographer, to do some Photoshop magic to bring Lake into the wedding photos.

Atlanta Mother's Wedding Photos Honor Late Son

Credit: Brandy Angel Photography

For Angel’s part, she knew it was the least she could do for the family. “There’s not really a word for this experience,” Angel said. “It makes me feel good to make her feel better even if it’s in a little way.”

The day before the wedding, the Thompsons posed for their official wedding photos in a gorgeous sunlit field, where a rainbow appeared overhead — everyone was sure it was Lake’s way of showing up for the show.

But this wasn’t going to be the only miracle that would occur for the Thompsons during this photo shoot — the most amazing was yet to come.

This is proof that love never dies! What a beautiful story.