This 6-Year-Old With a Bone Marrow Disorder Wins at Zumba

Aug 27, 2015 at 4:45 pm |

Audrey Nethery’s Zumba Skills Just Made Our Day

6-year-old girl dances to zumba

(YouTube/Scott Nethery)

If you’ve never took a Zumba class, it is really difficult. (Personally, I prefer the hokey-pokey.) But 6-year-old Audrey Nethery, a spunky little girl suffering from Diamond-Blackfan anemia, a disorder that affects people’s bone marrow, makes this dance-workout look as easy as pie.

A video of Audrey performing with some of Zumba’s top teachers recently went viral after it was taken at a conference — yes, they have Zumba conferences — and if this girl’s moves don’t inspire you with joy, we don’t know what will. Audrey is clearly the dancing queen of this Zumba routine, and she knows it. With over 5 million views in less than ten days, it hasn’t taken the rest of the world too long to fall in love with her.

Scott Nethery, Audrey’s father who posted the video says that she attends Zumba class every Saturday.

“Audrey got into Zumba first off because she loves to dance!” Scott told Yahoo Parenting. “Zumba means happiness and fun to Audrey.”

Audrey was discovered after her mother shared a clip of her dancing skills on the young girl’s Facebook page, which was designed to help raise awareness for Audrey’s disorder. This isn’t the first time that her happiness has inspired attention, and as a result the family has helped to raise thousands of dollars for research.

“We like it because she has fun and gets some good exercise,” says Scott. “We also feel that it has helped boost her confidence a bit. Audrey is smaller then other kids her age due to having Diamond Blackfan Anemia, and that bothers her sometimes. However, her size doesn’t matter when she is dancing and she knows she is pretty good at it!”

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