This EMT Bride Responded to a Crash in her Wedding Dress

Oct 16, 2015 at 3:00 pm |

Every Bride Gets Her Special Moment — But That Means Something Different For Everybody

Every bride wants to look beautiful on her special day, but not every bride can say that she took to the streets to save lives – while still wearing her something borrowed and her something blue.

Sarah Ray is a newlywed from Clarksville, Tennessee. On October 3, the day of her wedding, Ray got some wedding photos that she’ll never forget. She was photographed responding to the scene of a car accident in her wedding gown! When Ray, a trained paramedic, heard that one of her wedding guests was involved in an accident, she rushed to the scene on her way from the ceremony to the reception.

EMT Bride Responds to Car Crash in Wedding Dress

Source: Facebook @Montgomery County, Tennessee

Talk about dedication to your job! But this isn’t the first time a bride has blown us away with an act of heroism. Last month, Guo Yuanyuan, a bride from China, was having a photoshoot in her wedding dress on the beach when a man in the water suffered a heart attack and began to drown. After he was pulled ashore, not breathing and without a pulse, Yuanyuan, a registered nurse, performed CPR for 20 minutes before the man was unfortunately pronounced dead.

Chinese bride performs CPR in wedding gown

Source: Simon Cooper/

People at the scene said that they were deeply moved by Yuanyuan’s selflessness, calling her “the most beautiful bride.” I think these stories provide an important lesson for all those bridezilla’s out there – true beauty comes from within.

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Brides saving lives! These ladies are beautiful where it counts – on the inside!