This Little Girl With Down Syndrome Making the Cheerleading Squad Will Give You Pure Joy!

May 7, 2015 at 3:21 pm |

Can’t even put into words how excited she is!!!! I am the proud mom of an NDMS cheerleader!!! (Again) lol

Posted by Renee Parker on Friday, May 1, 2015

We’ve all had this wonderful feeling at some point in our lives – when you want something so bad that you can almost taste it, and suddenly, it’s yours.

Lacey Parker, a fifth grader with Down’s Syndrome got the surprise of her young lifetime when she found out she earned a spot on her middle school cheerleading squad. The spirited 10-year-old has a sister on the squad, and badly wanted to be a member, but felt that the chips were stacked against her because of her condition. With some persuasion from friends, family and the school’s principal, Lacey tried out with all the other girls and became 1 of 23 chosen for the team.

Neighbors and friends who know Lacey asked that the family record the good news so they could see Lacey’s reaction, and after her mother Renee Parker posted the video on her Facebook page, it quickly went viral. As you can see, Lacey’s joy is absolutely infectious.

Now Lacey has become a symbol of strength of capability for children with special needs everywhere.

“I hope that people realize that just because a child has a medical diagnosis and a label, that does not mean that that’s who they are,” said Renee Parker to ArkLaTex News. “Yes, Lacey has Down Syndrome, that’s what she has, that’s not who she is. It’s a label that was put on her at birth but she makes sure people know that that’s not who she is. I wish the world would just realize that just because a kid is different doesn’t mean they don’t want the same things they do. It doesn’t mean they should not be given the same opportunities.”

This inspiring 10-year-old’s glee is absolutely infectious. We dare you not to smile!