This Pit Bull Is Totally Jealous of Her Human’s iPad

Sep 9, 2015 at 5:05 pm |

“Hey! Hey! Pay Attention to Me”

Pit Bull jealous of human's ipad

Source: Rumble/peanutbutterpibble

As soon as you think you’ve found the perfect friend, they begin to turn their back on you. And for what? An iPad?

Watch as Gemma the Pit Bull tries to not be too jealous of her human’s new tech tool. After all, Elliot IS trying to play learning games. But wouldn’t he rather be playing ball, or scratching behind her ears, or even feeding her a tasty treat?

Gemma refuses to put up with being ignored, so this cute puppy goes in for the tickle tactic. Hope you don’t mind slobber Elliot!

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Source: Attention-seeking dog jealous of iPad by peanutbutterpibble on Rumble

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I think we can all relate to Gemma. ‘Share’ if someone’s ever chosen an iPad over you.