This Powerball-Winning Mom’s Story Will Melt Your Heart

Feb 13, 2015 at 2:13 pm |

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The first of three potential winners from this week’s $564 million Powerball has come forward, and her story proves that miracles really do happen.

26-year-old Marie Holmes from North Carolina is a mother of four who recently quit her jobs at McDonald’s and Walmart in order to take better care of her child with cerebral palsy.

Holmes, who is now in talks with lawyers and financial advisers, said that once her ticket is confirmed, she will use her $188 million in winnings so that her children “can go to college, all on me. And they don’t have to worry about nothing… [The money is] all for them.”

The winner has stated that her first plans are to buy a new house, set up college funds for her children, and most importantly, give back to her church. In the interview above, Holmes says, “I wouldn’t have nothing if it weren’t for God.”

Her lucky winning numbers were 11-13-25-39-54, and the Powerball number was 19.

Marie Holmes Powerball winning ticket

It’s freezing all over the country today, but this story will make you all warm inside. See how she’ll spend her money!