This Shiba Inu is the Best Trained Dog Ever

Aug 26, 2015 at 7:13 pm |

Genius Shibu Inu Can Take Orders!

Sometimes don’t you wish life just had a volume button? Imagine all the things you could tune out: your boss, your kids, your wife, the sounds of a morning commute on the subway. For one dog owner, she’s managed to turn down the volume on her Shibu Inu. I knew this breed was smart, but who would have thought you could teach a dog to do this!

In this video uploaded to YouTube by a Japanese user (don’t worry – it has English subtitles), an adorable Shibu Inu follows his owner’s orders to a T after his barking was a little too loud for inside. With each command, he drops his bark a little bit lower, until he’s barely whispering at the end. It’s ridiculously cute.

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I wish I could train my kids to listen this well!