Throwback: Jimmy Fallon Recreates ‘Fresh Prince’ Opening

Feb 3, 2015 at 12:04 pm |

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In September 1990, American television would never be the same after The Fresh Prince of Bel Air bridged the gap between black and white, rich and poor America.

Suddenly, sheltered children in their gated communities were transported (briefly) to the streets of west Philly before being taken safely back inside the lavish home of Philip Banks. Urban and suburban lifestyles were mixed, hip hop found its way into conservative homes via network television, and the cultural melting pot that was the ’90s began.

Almost 25 years later, comedian Jimmy Fallon has recreated the opening sequence of Fresh Prince (that damned catchy rap that millennials jump and sing along to in bars to show how cool they are) to explain why The Tonight Show moved to Los Angeles for the week. As always with Jimmy, the result is hilarious. It even features Carlton and DJ Jazzy “Jazz” Jeff.

Compare his rendition to the original! Warning: it will be stuck in your head all day.

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The fun doesn’t stop there. The Tonight Show also released a new video compilation in which Brian Williams raps to Snoop Dogg’s “Who Am I?” The clips are taken from dozens and dozens of news segments and put together with this hilarious result.

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Who knew that Brian William’s daddy of Girls star Allison Williams true calling was rap covers? Forget breaking stories and the nightly news! The Tonight Show has previously released compilations of Williams rapping to “Gin and Juice” and “Baby Got Back,” among others.

Does B-Willz do Snoop Doggy Dogg justice?

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Jimmy Fallon does his best Will Smith and Brian Williams takes on Snoop Dogg– now this you gotta see!