Tina Fey Strips Down to Her Undies for David Letterman

May 8, 2015 at 11:33 am |

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Tina Fey has been on David Letterman’s show twenty times over the course of the show’s 33-year history. And as Letterman’s stint as the longest running late night talk show host ever comes to a close, Tina Fey gave him a respectful farewell salute – by taking off all her clothes.

After informing David Letterman that she’s sported all of her fancy Kate Middleton-esque dresses as a sign of respect for Letterman during her many appearances, Fey decided to celebrate the last time she would ever wear a formal dress on a late night talk show by stripping it off and giving it to Letterman. “My gift to you is, I want to give you the dress.”

The crowd cheered as Tina shucked her clothes and revealed a friendly “Bye Dave!” plastered on the front of her spanx, as well as the hashtag #LastDressEver on her rump, which she shook at the audience several times.

A classy so-long from one of our favorites.

David Letterman will host the Late Show for the last time on May 20, 2015.

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