Tiny Horse Can’t Get Enough of Owner

Aug 17, 2015 at 1:14 pm |

Tiny Horse Can’t Get Enough of Owner

Another day, another adorable animal video to share! This time, it’s comin’ at you from the land of miniature horses. Sterling Bartow is the farmer who’s lucky to be the caretaker of Grace, a miniature horse, and Sammy, Grace’s new baby. Together, the three of them make a pretty cute little trio.

In this adorable video, Sammy is in hot pursuit of Sterling as he runs around the farm. It’s like Sammy thinks he’s a duckling and Sterling is his mama duck, even though Sammy’s real mom, Grace, is watching closely by through the whole video. The best part? There’s a second installment of this adorable video, so you get to see Sammy and Sterling in action even more!

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I NEED to get a miniature horse. I wonder if it’ll get along with my cat…