Transgender Man Dominating ‘Men’s Health’ Cover Model Contest

Apr 21, 2015 at 1:03 pm |

There’s no denying that Aydian Dowling of Eugene, OR is one handsome dude. He’s ripped, tatted, has a great smile, a kind face, and baby blues that could make any woman go weak in the knees.

Dowling, a transgender man, is currently competing to join the ranks of Men’s Health cover models in this year’s “Ultimate Guy Search.” And he’s winning…by a lot. If he does walk away with the trophy, Aydian will be the first transgendered man to appear on the cover of the longstanding men’s lifestyle magazine.

Dowling spoke recently with Arun Rath at NPR about his physical and emotional transformation, as well as what it would mean for him to nab the sought after spread.

“I was definitely nervous that there may be some kind of pushback from the magazine,” says Aydian.  

“You know, it is a possibility, being transgender, you can walk into a space where you are not welcome, and you are asked to leave for just being exactly who you are. So I have luckily heard from Men’s Health, and in a different couple of platforms they’ve mentioned that the contest is open to all men, and that they are very happy to see the influence that a couple of trans men have been applying.”

Aydian’s position for the “Reader’s Choice” award is heads above the rest (the runner up has about a quarter of the votes,) and given Men’s Health‘s response to Aydian, it’s looking very likely that he may win.

And after all the positive feedback the transgender community has received lately from social media, including over Laverne Cox’s recent nude spread in Allure magazine – the timing for the cover may be just right.

But Aydian’s best qualities aren’t even his piercing eyes and pumped up pecs – he also gives a lot to the community. The fitness nut began a channel on YouTube geared towards helping transgender individuals to stay fit and healthy called BeefHeads Fitness – citing that the excercise and progress helps “their self confidence grow.”

Aydian says that he’s very pleased with the positive response that he’s received, and that the competition has helped to remind him he’s exactly where he needs to be. “I think everybody is just looking for a little note from the universe saying, ‘Yeah, that’s good. You’re doing all right.'”

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Aydian continues to beef up as he preps himself for the opportunity of a lifetime…

Aydian Dowling’s aiming to be the first transgender male on the cover of ‘Men’s Health.’ What do you think of his chances?