VIP News: Cat Callers Get What’s Coming to Them

Jan 29, 2015 at 4:53 pm |

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One of the biggest trends on YouTube lately has been the Culture of Cat Calling. After Rob Bliss created his viral video of one woman’s experience of harassment while trudging through New York City on a 10-hour walk, everyone seemed to want to weigh in on the hot topic.

While in cases considered a morally ambiguous way of flirting, cat calling can definitely go horribly wrong — like when you accidentally whistle at your Mom. Find out what happens to these gentlemen “callers” in Lima, Peru when they find out their cute cats are actually their mothers in disguise. Dreadful, Oedipal, and just plain weird!

Oh, also a hermaphroditic puppy finally got the sex change he/she deserved, and a Brooklyn teenager got in trouble for threatening cops by using emojis on Facebook.


You’ll never guess who these guys cat called. Bet they’ll think twice before the next whistle! Click here!