Watch the Most Popular YouTube Video of 2014

Dec 15, 2014 at 3:50 pm |

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Is this your worst nightmare or what? Eastern Europe aside, a giant spider is probably the scariest thing you could imagine. Polish director and notorious prankster S.A. Wardega’s video titled “Mutant Giant Spider Dog,” published on September 4, has already racked up 118 million views, making it 2014’s most popular video on YouTube.


“Mutant Giant Spider Dog” is comprised of a montage of pranks in which Wardega’s dog Chica runs around in a spider costume scaring people. For more effect, Wardega also set up several horrific scenes involving oversized webs and fake dismembered humans that the prank’s innocent victims find themselves in shortly before Chica is released upon them.

It’s not the scariest (or funniest) video we’ve ever seen on YouTube, but the final product is pretty darn freaky. How cruel to turn something so cute as Chica the puppy into something as disturbing as a giant, furry spider. Looks like the strange animal/arachnid splice worked for fans, who have watched this video over 1,000 times a day since it first came out.

This isn’t the only scary prank video that topped YouTube’s list for 2014; “Devil Baby Attack” was released last January as a promo for the movie Devil’s Due. Other viral videos include strangers kissing for the first time, bending the iPhone 6, and a Nike ad featuring some famous soccer stars. In the #10 spot on the list comes the very eye-opening “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman,” which has gotten over 38 million views – and tons of coverage – since it was published at the end of October. The list does not include music videos.

Just weeks ago, YouTube’s view counter broke after “Gangnam Style” got over 2.14 billion views.


Are you one of the 118 million views on YouTube’s most popular video of the year? Watch it here!