We Know It’s Curmudgeons Day, But This Is Uncool

Jan 29, 2015 at 11:22 am |

What a prick! This curmudgeonly UPS man just took delivering packages to a whole new level.

The UPS driver was caught on camera urinating on the side of the house after tossing fragile packages over a fence. The homeowner, Ben Lucas, could have been persuaded to forgive the driver’s act of indecency if the driver had not already carelessly thrown the box, breaking one item in the process.

Following the incident, Lucas told the local news station that he was unhappy with the response he received from UPS after informing them of their driver’s distasteful toilet act. He then proceeded to share the CCTV video on UPS’ Facebook page, after which he finally received a phone call and an apology from the transport company.

According to another local news organization, Click 2 Houston, Lucas received a statement from UPS which confirmed that the offending employee, reported to be a seasonal worker, had been let go. Lucas has since uploaded the video to YouTube, and the footage is set to go viral.

Story Courtesy:Aoife Lawlor

Source: benlucas240z
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Can you believe this UPS guy? He’s the curmudgeon of all curmudgeons on Curmudgeons Day!