What an Incredible View of this Toppling Scaffolding, Hopefully Nobody Got Hurt!

Mar 17, 2015 at 11:05 am |

When you’re walking around in a city, how often do you look up?

You might start becoming a lot more aware of your surroundings after watching this scary video taken in Portland, Oregon last Sunday, March 15.

The Portland Metro Area was slammed by intense storms last weekend, and over 45,000 people were without power. But the scariest moment of all had to be this video, which looks like something out of a movie.

Watch as horrified crowds on the street watch at least five stories of scaffolding creak and bend in the wind before falling to the ground, most likely totaling the unfortunate car parked below.

Thankfully, the Portland Tribune reported that nobody was injured in this freak accident.

Next time you’re walking under scaffolding, you might just want to cross the street!

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Keep your fingers crossed and let’s send this around for some prayers! Terrifying!