What to Watch When Real Housewives Ends

Aug 26, 2015 at 1:10 pm |

It’s America vs. Britain on Season 2 of Ladies of London

ladies of london Bravo promo


As the Real Housewives of New York wraps up for the summer, you may be wondering what you’re going to sink your guilty pleasure tooth into next. Don’t worry – Bravo has something on the horizon that will satisfy all of your retail-obsessed, drama-crazy high society housewife needs. This time, it’s coming from across the pond

Ladies of London is coming back for season 2, and you can expect some drama as a few new American additions to the cast alongside the primped and polished British ladies. I hope there are no hard feelings leftover from the Revolution! As Noelle Reno and Caprice Bourret leave the cast, there’s only room for spice in the show! One newbie, Caroline Fleming, former wife of James Bond creator Ian Fleming’s nephew, is a Baroness, a business woman, and a full-time mom.

Other newbie Julie Montagu, aka Lady Hitchingbrooke is a true hot-blooded American, corn-fed right from Sugar Grove, Illinois. Julie is a former model, and these days keeps busy instructing yoga, being a health coach, and authoring cook books.

If the clip above is any hint at what we’ll be seeing this season, there will no doubt be some class drama as the common folk mix with the royalty in a classic struggle of pride and prejudice. One event we can’t wait to watch is the group trip to Denmark, where the stress of traveling and close living will bring out the worst in all the ladies. You won’t find drama like THIS on Real Housewives. 

Tune in to Ladies of London on September 7 on Bravo.

A new guilty pleasure is coming from across the pond…