What Were Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber Doing During the Super Bowl?

Feb 2, 2015 at 1:22 pm |

While it was predicted that over 111.5 million viewers would watch Super Bowl XLIX, it looks like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber may have been distracted by more, er, pressing matters.

The pop icons both posted Instagrams last night that showed how the celebs entertained themselves during the big game. Taylor joked about interceptions, seemingly unconcerned as to whether or not Katy Perry would smite her on live TV. Is it us, or does TSwizzle’s cat look like a stuffed animal?

Instant replay of that interception:

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Unsurprisingly, the Biebs was having a more raucous night at a house party with friends. In his IG, we seem him reenacting a William Tell scenario with what looks like a Nerf gun (real mature, Bieber). PS, wouldn’t it kind of suck to be Justin’s ‘friend’ and have to freak out and praise him for little accomplishments like this? It’s like being in an egotistical Canadian king’s court.

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Whose night looks like more fun to you?

Their Instagram posts showed us what TSwift and JB were really up to during the big game…