Why is David Letterman Growing a Santa Beard?

Sep 28, 2015 at 5:23 pm |

Ho Ho Ho! Here Comes a Bearded David Letterman!

For more than 30 years, the world watched David Letterman dominate late night television on The Late Show, and following his retirement on May 20, it looks like Letterman has decided to shed the clean-cut look he’s always maintained throughout his career.

David Letterman Beard

Source: Sam Oslyn/Imgflip.com

Letterman was seen out in New York City on September 27 with his 11-year-old son Henry, and the former talk show host is sporting a thick, luscious white beard that matches his snowy hair! The look is quite a shock compared to his constantly groomed appearance on TV over the years, but are we really surprised? In his position, we’d probably like to hang up the razor and give the old beard a try too!

What’s Next For Letterman?

Fans everywhere are wondering what his next public move will be, and since Stephen Colbert took over at The Late Show, Letterman has a new project on the horizon: he will travel to India to document climate change in an upcoming National Geographic documentary series, set to air in 2016.

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You’ve never seen David Letterman like this before!