Why Is This Old Dog in a Backpack?! The Reason is Genius!

Nov 4, 2015 at 5:01 pm |

Ever wished that your dog could go everywhere with you? You’re not alone.

When Melissa Lipani and her hubby, Adam Holmes, adopted their dog Luna, they were excited to start bringing her on hikes with their other two dogs, Ollie and Captain Cowpants. However, the 8-year-old French Bulldog had other plans in mind.

“I ended up carrying her most of the way, which wasn’t a great situation for me,” Lipana said about luna. The 8-year-old dog seemed to prefer the sights to the extensive exercise. “She loved it.”

owners carry old dog in backpack

Source: Melissa Lipani/Huffington Post

Lipana and Holmes decided that next time, instead of excluding Luna from their family hikes, they would figure out a less muscle-aching way to bring her along for the fun. Lipani had heard of those backpacks that let you carry small animals with you. “And before I went to spend a lot of money, I wondered if any of the 8,000 packs in my garage could work.”

Turns out, one did! “I fully expected her to wiggle and try and jump out, but once we plopped her in it, she just relaxed like she knew it was going to be fun,” Lipani said.

owners carry old dog in backpack

Source: Melissa Lipani/Huffington Post

And if you can’t tell from the photos, Luna absolutely LOVES taking hikes from atop Holmes’s back! They really spoil this lucky little dog — after her adoption, she enjoyed a spa day, a mac and cheese party for the dogs, and she even got dressed up as a pumpkin for halloween!

If you needed any more proof that Luna loves being carried in her backpack, watch the adorable video below and SHARE this video with your friends!

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