Widowed Father Cares for Quadruplets, ‘I Understand Why I’m Still Here’

Jun 12, 2015 at 2:29 pm |

Carlos Morales Gained Quadruplets and Lost His Wife In One Fell Swoop

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Last March the heartbreaking story of Arizonian Carlos Morales tugged at the heartstrings of America.

A father of newborn quadruplets, Carlos’ loving wife, 36-year-old Erica Morales, went into hypovolemic shock and died only a few hours after delivering their babies. The story of a fresh-father left alone to simultaneously cultivate the lives of four children went viral, and Morales was set up with a GoFundMe campaign where he gained the support of thousands and the financial backing of over half a million dollars to aid him on the tough road laid ahead of him.

It’s been five months since the death of the love of his life, and the future seems brighter than ever and Morales is able to focus on giving his life and love over to the four tiny children he was meant to raise.

“I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t speak,” Morales tells People about the loss of Erica. “I didn’t know how I would survive without her. But almost five months later, I understand why I am still here. My babies are four beautiful blessings.”

Carlos Jr., Paisley, Tracy, and Erica (Jr.), are growing up to be healthy little humans. Thanks to his financial assistance Carlos has been able to provide them with everything they need to grow up big and strong. Even gameshow host Steve Harvey made a hefty contribution to the children’s futures, donating $10,000 towards a college fund for each of the four kids.

Of course, raising children is difficult enough with two parents regardless of how much financial backing is in the mix. Fortunately Carlos’ mother-in-law Sondra has permanently relocated from her hometown in Nashville, TN to help Carlos raise the babies so he’s able to get back to work and bring home the dough.

“She said she will be here for as long as she needs to be,” says Morales. “She’s such a protective and loving grandmother. It’s a real team effort. Her mother has even come to help out so the babies now have their great grandmother around as well.”

With four generations in one household, its easy for Carlos to remember what’s most important in life. And while he knows that things probably won’t get less complicated as the children grow up, he remains positive given the love and support surrounding his family.

“This wasn’t the plan. Erica was supposed to be here. I still come home after work and look at pictures of us together. I go to her Facebook and I look through our text messages,” he says. “But I know I’ll be okay. I have to be. I have four beautiful children to raise.”

Carlos Morales: “My babies are four beautiful blessings.”