You’ll Love These Funny Cats Telling You How it Be

Aug 18, 2015 at 5:14 pm |

We all love a good cat video. Cute cats, funny cats, it’s all in good game. But how about some cats being jerks and talking. That’s right- talking cats. Well, maybe not real talking cats, but cats with a hilarious voiceover.

This guy made a cat compilation video with some hilarious voices to go along with the cutest cat videos. Guess what: it’s kind of super amazing sauce. I wish cats really talked like this, I think it would actually make things a lot easier for both cats and the humans that put up with them. Seriously, can you imagine the next time your cat is scraping at a window saying, “Bird, there’s a bird outside!” you could say, “Hey, Dummy, I’m not letting you outside give it a rest!” Then it’d be over and Fluffy wouldn’t spend that next hour making that awful scratching noise against the glass. Or when you’re trying to sleep and three in the morning, your cat jumps on you, “Time to play? Pet me? Pet me?” you could say, “It’s three in the friggin’ morning, get out of my room before I throw you out.”

Yeah, that’d be sweet.

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If cats could talk, I think we might hate it.