You’ll Never Guess Where This Owner Found His Cat

Aug 19, 2015 at 3:08 pm |

Missing Cat Found Sitting Next to Her Own Photo

There are a million thoughts that go through every animal owner’s head when their pet goes missing. Where is he? I hope he’s not roadkill. I bet he misses me so much. He’s probably so scared. Do you think he’s already settled in with a new family? The next thing you know you’re running around town with 600 flyers and a staple gun, sobbing desperately at freaked out passersby.

Or at least that’s how you THINK it’s gonna go. For one lucky pet owner, the search was not so desperate. When he decided to call on the community for help finding his lost kitty, he thought “She always loved sitting in the window, I’ll find a picture where she’s sitting in the window. Even better, I’ll put the flyer IN the window! That’ll get lots of attention.” When he pulled back the curtain a few hours later, there was kitty, admiring her portrait in the window.


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That is one sneaky kitty!