Your New Best Friends Anthem Is Here

Jan 9, 2015 at 4:26 pm |

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Step aside, Rebecca Black– 2015 is the year of Sophia Grace.

11-year-old Sophia Grace Brownlee is no stranger to stardom. After her a cappella performance of Nicki Minaj’s “Superbass” went viral back in 2011 (when SGB was only 8), she was immediately brought onto Ellen, all the way from England, with her co-star, younger cousin Rosie.

While on The Ellen Show, Sophia showed off her convincing American accent, but that never prepared us for what was next. On Wednesday, Jan. 7, Sophia Grace released the “Best Friends” official music video to her YouTube page. In the video, SGB is featured along with several friends (Rosie is nowhere to be seen) at an all-girls, no-boys-allowed sleepover.

The best part? This is a rap song.

SGB preaches:

When stupid boys come around,
me and my girls shut ’em down.
Nobody can stop us now,
gonna’ take ’em, we run this town.

Sophia Grace has dropped the tiara and picked up some serious attitude since we saw her last. While she doesn’t look much bigger in size, she shows us her all-new, pretty-in-pink, American-as-apple-pie persona. Sophia Grace is 11 now and launching her solo career. From the looks of the vid, you would never know that Sophia is British as she flaunts her glitzy California lifestyle, while not-so-subtly promoting Beats by Dr. Dre and Kmart.

But is this new, mature Sophia Grace maybe a little too grown up for the 11-year-old? Some lyrics remain fairly suggestive:

We gon’ laugh at them boys when they talk to us,
But they can’t get in, we get so annoyed
When they don’t understand
No it means no, no, no, no.

Then again, if her first hit was a cover of “Superbass,” it looks like the sky’s the limit in terms of racy content.

While others might brush off this new song and video as another travesty in the growing line of spoiled child productions (famously pioneered by Rebecca Black and Patrice Wilson’s Ark Music Factory), this may not be a trend to ignore. The autotune is aplenty, although we know from Sophia Grace’s other YouTube videos that she certainly doesn’t need it. Still, you have to admit: the fairly ridiculous music video still boasts one damn catchy song.

Sophia Grace is growing up fast. She’s dropped dead weight Cousin Rosie (girl couldn’t even lip sync) and moved on to bigger and better things. We can expect to see a lot more sass and circumstance coming from SGB in the future. And don’t forget her important words, “Sophia Grace got your back/ just know that,/ and that’s the reason why/ I’m rapping on this hot track.”

And, in case you were wondering:

Check out her first viral video, her cheeky Ellen interview, and her last hip hop music video below:

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Sophia Grace Brownlee is a force to be reckoned with. See her latest music video here!